What is Yin-Yang

Yin&Yang is the basic attribute of all thing and state in the world. The root of many of the ideas within Chinese medicine lies in the concept of Yin and Yang. Any thing is include Ying & yang, taichi is best picture to explain yin and yang ‘s relationship.

Yin is signified by female attributes: passive, dark, cold, moist, that which moves medially, and deficient of Yang. Yang is signified by male attributes: light, active, warm, dry, that which moves laterally, and deficient of Yin.

Nothing is completely Yin or Yang. The most striking example of this is found in humans. A person is the combination of his mother (Yin) and his father (Yang). He contains qualities of both: This is the universal symbol describing the constant flow of Yin and Yang forces. Within Yin, there is Yang, and within Yang, there is Yin.

The Chinese have a unique system of categorizing illnesses very different from Western medicine. The Chinese believe man lives between heaven and earth, and comprises a miniature universe in himself. The material of which living things are made is considered to belong to the yin, or female, passive, receding aspect of nature. The life functions of living things, on the other hand, are considered to belong to yang, or masculine, active, advancing aspect.