About Us

GINSENG TANG is Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic, ginseng is one of good herbs, it improve human body energy: Qi, good for immunity , it looks like the human body. Tang is traditional clinic, in china traditional Chinese medicine Shop and clinic was called tang, for example ,one of the famous shop and clinic is TONG REN TANG.

GINSENG TANG locate at 13 bunrt ash road, London SE12 8RG,

Professional Chinese doctors work here, they studied in the traditional Chinese medicine university of Hubei in china 5 years , good at acupuncture , herb medicine, massage treatment , also they do good job at reflexology ,cupping etc.

Dr Liu register at ATCM , and also is member of Member of Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling Association of Europe (FSNAE), he has more than 26 years experience on the Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. 

We use both original herb and herb extracts powder, herb extracts powder is made from SUN TEN , it is easy to take and do good job for health.